HYPER - The Online Game Currency

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HYPER - The Online Game Currency

Post by HYPERreality on Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:45 pm

HYPER is an alt coin for use in online games, emerging virtual worlds, massively multiplayer online games, simulations and more. The Hyper Team is developing an MMO space strategy game in which players will construct an intergalactic empire that earns them HYPER.

We are looking for developers to work on a space based online strategy MMO / virtual world which will utilize HYPER as the in-game currency. Our vision is to explore the universe, develop planets, form trade agreements with other players and acquire resources and technology that will generate HYPER for players. Plans also exist to add more emerging currencies such as Devcoin and Bitcoin.

If you are a developer currently running an online game, virtual world or MMO of any genre please contact us to learn how integrating HYPER will be beneficial for both you and your players. We offer substantial rewards to developers who use HYPER as a currency in their game worlds or accept HYPER as a payment method for game upgrades etc.

If you are in the planning stages of developing any kind of online game / virtual world / MMO and would like to use HYPER in your game world  again we can offer a substantial bounty for your work once it is live.

If you have an idea for any service / game which will support HYPER please get in touch and we can arrange a bounty for you once the work is complete, essentially sponsoring you to develop your awesome idea.

The only limit is your imagination.

As of right now you can play CounterStrike, Minecraft, and Zandagort to start earning Hyper, amongst other methods.  Essentially you earn money for doing what you already are doing, playing.  One of the benefits to Hyper is that if you do decide to hang onto your coins for longer term, they will generate a 5% monthly interest of your total amount; again, another good/easy way to make some real money, not just monopoly $$.

100% Proof of Stake (PoS)
5% per month, compounding and added daily

Block Time
30 seconds

Block Rewards
72.5 HYPER

RPC Port

Cryptographic Algorithm

Difficulty Retarget
10 minutes

100 for mined blocks and 3 for valid transactions.

HYPER wallet includes coin control for serious staking.

This phase is for PoW and will also include 5% monthly interest for holders compounding daily (will last approx 2 weeks).

5% monthly interest, applied and compounding daily (will last approx 5 years).

PoS Stage 2
10% annual interest, applied and compounding daily (will last approx another 5 years).

PoS Stage 3
2% annual interest, applied and compounding daily (will last forever).

More Info, Search:

- Hyper BitcoinTalk
- Hypercrypto dot com


HYPER - 5% Monthly PoS, market stabilization fund, developing space based MMO, and more


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